Terms & Conditions

1. This Terms & Conditions has been set up to govern the relationship between the proprietor and operator of Startpage.co.uk and page.co.uk websites: Startpage Limited (hereinafter: Operator), and visitors to the pages (hereinafter: Users). The Terms & Condition set out herein shall be biding upon both Parties. By using Starpage.co.uk website and the page.co.uk sites in any way (hereinafter: Service),.Users are agreeing to comply with these Terms & Conditions.

Startpage Limited reserves the right to modify, amend or update the contents of these Terms & Conditions without notice therefore Users are encouraged to check back here from time to time.

2. Operator hereby expressly states that it does not control the sites and resources provided under Startpage.co.uk or the page.co.uk domain name. Operator does not endorse them, and is not responsible for any aspects of those sites, including their availability, content, accuracy, legality or delivery of services.

3. The information and content available to Users through Service shall not, in any way of form, be modified, altered or tampered with or used without the prior written consent of Operator. The use of any systems, tools, devices, or solutions that may risk or prevent the operation of the servers used to deliver Service is strictly prohibited.

4. The use of certain services shall be restricted to registered users.

Operator reserves the right to restrict or deny access to services subject to registration. Operation may cancel registration if Users provide invalid data, make multiple registrations, or are inactive for more than three (3) months, or cancel their registration.

Under no circumstances shall Operator be held liable for any losses and damages resulting from unauthorised use of user passwords or accounts regardless whether such use is known by User or not. However, User shall be liable for damages and losses Operator or third parties may suffer due to unauthorised use of user passwords or accounts.

5. Registration for Service enables registered users to access Startpage and build personally-tailored links from anywhere with satisfactory Internet connection. At the same time, Operator shall take no responsibility for such customised contents hosted on Startpage’s website while Users shall have no special rights or entitlements thereto.

Operator reserves the right to modify the layout or content of the Startpage website at its own discretion including Personal Collections at any time without notice in order to improve their presentation, content or functions.

6. Content and Service (including inter alia articles, photos, graphics and other materials, layout, design and the editorial principle of Service accessible within Service, as well as the applied software and other solutions, ideas or realisation during the provision of Service) published by the Operator within Service shall remain the intellectual property of Operator.

7. Operator shall under no circumstances be held liable for the content of advertisements on the websites of Service; paid political advertisements found on the interface of Service do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Operator and staff.

8. In the event that Users wished to place a link referring to the website of Service (or any element thereof) on their own websites, they may only do so on the condition that the link refers directly to the web content of Service. Duplication or copying the content of Service or the use of frames is prohibited under these terms and conditions herein.